Alternator Cost

A car or any automobile is basically a product of mechanical engineering in order to carry passengers or goods from one place to another. However every car made in this world also has electrical system in built in it in order to support various aspects of the car. In a virtual term all automobiles that ate made in this planet have AC generators which are commonly known as alternators.

This short article is aimed to enlighten the readers about such alternators and the cost associated with it. The Alternator Cost is insignificant compared to the total value that it offers the car. It is still considered to be a sensitively priced part that provides the electrical needs of the car for its smooth journeys on the road.

What is an alternator?

An alternator in a car can be equated to a power house which supplies power to our homes and offices. In a simpler term an alternator is a electrical equipment made to convert electrical power to other parts in the cars. Here one may ask a valid question about presence of the batteries used in the car. Does it not provide the power needed for the car? Readers need to understand some facts here that the power from batteries are Direct Currents shortly known as DC which is considered to be expensive when used for all the necessary automobile electrical parts which will ruin the battery in a short period.

Alternator CostPerhaps this is for the same reason we have AC in our homes and not the DC. Also such DC cannot be transferred to long distances and is not cost effective. Hence an alternator used in the car is as important as the batteries in order to make use of all the electrical systems in the car. This alternator not only supplies some energy to the parts but also used o charge the batteries in the car during the running times of the cars.

How An Alternator Works?

Thanks to the innovators for using the alternators in the automobiles. Interestingly these alternators function by drawing a minimum amount of mechanical energy from the engine output. In order to rotate the alternator electrical rotor windings the alternator gets its drive from the rotation of the engine through a separate pulley and belt so that the alternator is easily rotated for the desired value known as RPM an abbreviation for Rotation Per Minute.

When such a rotation is achieved, electrical power is generated as alternating current which is converted into DC for charging the batteries during the motion of the cars. Here one should know a fact that the power in the batteries is quickly drained while starting the engine and hence it has to be recharged during the motion. An alternator does this charging function and supplies adequate AC power to electrical systems like lighting and air conditioners. The Alternator Cost is less significant than the value it offers for the entire car.

Alternator Maintenance

Having known about the importance of the alternators in the cars or other automobiles, one needs to focus on the maintenance of this important part of the car. If the engine of the car can be equated to a heart in the human being, an alternator can be equated to the lungs which supplies air to the human parts. An alternator has two important parts namely a stator and a rotor. When the alternator gives any trouble one need not throw the entire unit. One needs to check the defect of the stator or rotor and accordingly fix the problem. Basically these are windings made by copper coils and can be repaired easily by the electrical engineering experts. An improper transmission generally causes more problems and hence one needs to check the belt that is associated with the alternator. Undoubtedly an Alternator Cost is very low when compared to the other parts. However it plays a very significant role in making a smooth journey in the roads and makes the batteries for a long life.