Alternator Replacement: Some Simple Steps

alternator replacementNeed to knock out an alternator replacement project? When you’re alternator isn’t working exactly as it should, you’re going to notice it almost immediately. Your alternator is responsible for powering up the electronics in your vehicle, firing the ignition system, and recharging your battery – all key components of modern vehicles today. Sure, you might feel to get by for a couple of days by jumping your vehicle every time you turn it off, but who wants to deal with all of that headache and hassle. No, you’re probably going to want to tackle an alternator replacement project just as soon as possible. Swapping out the old part for a new one isn’t all that difficult, but even still you might want to consider having experts do the bulk of the work for you. But using the insider information below you’ll be able to determine the next stage of your alternator replacement project all on your own!

Simple steps to replacing your alternator on your own If you are going to handle your alternator replacement on your own, it’s a pretty simple and straightforward process. The actual process that you will go through for your particular vehicle may differ at least a little bit from the steps outlined below, but the general principles are the same. You’re going to want to:

  • Disconnect the battery cables completely
  • Find your alternator (usually near the fan belts at the front of your engine)
  • Separate the serpentine belt with a tool to move it off of the alternator pulley
  • Remove the bolts that hold the alternator in place
  • Pullout the old alternator, unplugging the system completely
  • Reverse the process to install your new alternate
  • Fire up your vehicle and pat yourself on the back for tackling the alternator replacement project on your own!

It really is that easy, and with just a couple of household tools – and a bit of common sense – you should have no trouble doing the work on your own in an hour or less in your driveway or garage.

Does it make sense to have a mechanic tackle the project for you? On the other hand, not everyone is completely comfortable poking around underneath the hood of their own vehicle. If you aren’t that wild about handling this kind of project, or want absolutely nothing to do with alternator replacement and potentially screwing up your automobile, you might want to bring it into a mechanic that you can trust. The whole project should take less than an hour or so, especially for qualified professionals, and will end up running you anywhere between $150 and maybe $500 on the high-end. Obviously, the cost of this project will vary from mechanic to mechanic, vehicle to vehicle, depending upon a number of different key criteria – but that’s a pretty good ballpark figure to work off of. You’ll save a lot of money when you do your alternator replacement on your own, but you’ll have the confidence in knowing that the job was done properly if you hire it out to experts.

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