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Should You Purchase a Rebuilt Alternator? Costs, Pros, and Cons of Choosing a Rebuilt Alternator Over a New One

rebuilt alternatorIs the battery in your car no longer holding a charge? Has your engine died and refused to start back up? If this is the case, you may very well have problems with your vehicle’s alternator, leading you to an important decision: should you purchase a new alternator or go with a cheaper, rebuilt one? As with any choice pertaining to the welfare of your vehicle, choosing an alternator is a significant decision with several factors that must be considered.

Average Cost of a Rebuilt Alternator Versus the Average Cost of a New One


Like many automotive parts, the cost for an alternator largely depends on the make and model of your vehicle. Also, like most other automotive parts, buying a factory replacement won’t be cheap. On average, new alternators can range anywhere from $100 to $350 and up, not including the labor to install it. Fortunately, buying a rebuilt alternator is considerably cheaper, rarely costing more than $100 and often much less. With this much of a difference in cost, purchasing a rebuilt alternator is a highly popular choice for motorists who find themselves in need of the part.


Advantages of a Rebuilt Alternator


Besides the overwhelming difference in cost, purchasing a rebuilt alternator can have several other noteworthy advantages. On top of being cheaper, rebuilt alternators are much easier and quicker to find than rebuilt ones, decreasing the time that you have to go without your vehicle. Another advantage of choosing a rebuilt alternator is that they are usually the same quality as a brand new one. Commonly, the only thing wrong with alternators before they are rebuilt is their brushes, a component that is replaced entirely during the rebuilding process. This makes most rebuilt alternators on par with their more expensive counterparts and makes choosing one a worthy option to consider.


Disadvantages of Purchasing a Rebuilt Alternator


As with most any decision, there are pros and cons of purchasing a rebuilt alternator. One of the most obvious cons is that it may not have the same quality and life-expectancy as a factory replacement. As mentioned, most rebuilt alternators are completely competitive with brand new ones in regards to quality. However, infrequent errors in the process of rebuilding them can sometimes lead to issues with consistency. Because of this, installing a rebuilt alternator (or any rebuilt part for that matter) may constitute a violation to your vehicle’s warranty. If your vehicle is relatively new and still under any warranties, purchasing a rebuilt alternator may not be for you. If, however, you do not fit in this category, choosing to buy a rebuilt alternator is certainly a valid, cost-effective choice.


Without an alternator, a car is just a large chunk of immobile metal, and, unfortunately, alternator failure is a rather common problem. The good news is that there are many viable and cost effective options to get it replaced, making choosing an alternator an experience that can ultimately be a satisfying, pain-free process.